Nearly 33 years serving the sector with experience, financial infrastructure, technical staff and administrative departments with own principles of international norms and also one of the most important Electric Motor production business in our region.


Altuntaş Group adding the Abana Electric Engines to AEMOTORS Abana Electric Engines brand and continue full capacity production. Company collects the three main policy subjects to be in Industry Sector as AEMOTORS Abana Electric Motors. The perfect products and services with trained and experienced staff; interested in integration technology and innovation; timely and accurate delivery.

Can we recognize a little bit of Altuntaş Group?

Company established in 1981, the Altuntaş Group which is today includes Obial Steel Silo, Mafal Logistics, Fumal Drying and Grand Altuntaş Hotel. Finally purchased the Abana Electric Motors which is representing for 32 years and the factory moved to Aksaray. Our company as AEMOTORS Electric Motors has been established with Siemens patent in 1983, and ongoing without compromising quality.

What happened in this process when you purchased the Abana Motor?

As AEMOTORS Electric Motors we are producing 0.12 kw-200 kw power values between 2-4-6-8-12-pole AC three phases from 63 type body size to 315 type of body.

Which Countries you have export?

We export our product to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Azerbaijan under the AEMOTORS Brand. Mustafa ALTUNTAŞ who is working as Vice Chairman ofAEMOTORS Electric motors by the same time working as Vice Chairman of Altuntaş Group.


Altuntaş Group acquisition; 25 million Euros for this year, machinery equipment and mould planning our investments, even we have taken some of our machines. When our investment is completed, we will have the annual capacity to 1,000,000 pieces of Motors. We continue our works with power Innovation Team keeping IE3 and IE4 priority energy efficiency engine technology as well as our work different motor group continues to work towards..

What about the wide range of products of Electric Motors is available?

İleri seviyedeki teknik ekibimiz ve üretim bandımız bu tip beklentilere rahatlıkla çözüm sunabiliyor. Yurt dışı müşterilerimizin bizi tercih etmesindeki en önemli unsurlarından birisi de, bu tip taleplere kolayca cevap verebilmemizdir. Altuntaş olarak hizmet sunduğumuz her alanda ilerlemek ve büyümek, grup amaçlarımız arasında yer alıyor.

What is the effect of energy efficiency of Electric Motors?

Energy efficiency is important all over the world as well as in our country. Energy is one of the largest import inputs in our country.The electrical energy consumed in our country which is 50 percent spending in the industry.About 70 percent of electrical energy used in industry is spent by asynchronous motors.(our produce engines) By this way it shows that AC Motors importance of engines. During the life of a standard motor 97 percent of the total cost of energy cost. As a result of providing energy efficiency, the engine in the context of a total of consume direct energy costs.