Nearly 33 years serving the sector with experience, financial infrastructure, technical staff and administrative departments with own principles of international norms and also one of the most important Electric Motor production business in our region.


AEMOTORS Electric Motors that give important our customers with our team not only pre-sales and also after-sales services, too. We have demonstrated sensitivity to mass production, from our service center to show also engine repairing, maintenance and the detection of faults return as soon as possible in making the repair of engines. Our professional and experienced team which is detecting the problems and testing the all repairements.

  • Winding, rotor, stator, housing, shafts, bearings and other parts that make up the engine mechanical and physical control,
  • Detection of faults,
  • Determination of compliance with rotor to test rotor quality,
  • Repaired control of the rated load of product performance values

Fulfilling process are delivered to our customers.